it sucks to miss you this much….

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I like the curve of a ballerina’s foot. I like when boys are passionate about something and care about their mothers. I like poems about coffee and fucking and love. I like when I’m on the highway and I make eye contact with the person speeding next to me. I like when I’m in the city and I see someone taking pictures of skyscrapers; with their necks arched back and their eyes lost in the view and their mind on something wondrous. I like drinking wine with friends and vodka with strangers. I like when my heart feels full even if my wallet is empty. I like when people hold my hand or lift me up. I like when someone offers me something- anything…Their advice, to pay, their love, a hit. It’s a good feeling to be excited for the future and proud of your past. To speak to someone new and genuinely impress them. To leave something better than it was before. To be charming just by being yourself.

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